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Testing of Complete DCCs

Version Check

 ~ > DCCprogrammer.exe 19 -i
  Slot number 19 specified
  V2718 firmware : 2.0
  A2818 firmware : 0.6
  VMELibRelease  : 2.3d
  ** Flash access OK **
  ** Firmware Revisions (hex):
        LOG1: 0009
        LOG2: 0009
        LOG3: 000d
        MIP1: 001a
        MIP2: 001a
        MIP3: 001a
        MIP4: 001a
        MIP5: 001a
      XILINX: 2b07
   serial no: 0006

Versions don't match? See Reprogramming_Instructions .

Create test directory

  mkdir dcc_006

Capture version info

 ~ > DCCprogrammer.exe 19 -i > dcc_006/version.txt

Run DAQ test

 ~ > test_all.exe -b -h -f | tee dcc_006/test_all.txt

Test last 3 inputs

Move 3 cables down to last 3 inputs

 ~ > test_all.exe -t 14 15 -s 12 14 -b -h -f | tee dcc_006/test_last3.txt

(The "-t 14 15" means to use HTRs in VME slots 14-15, while the "-s 12 14" means to enable DCC input spigots 12-14).

Slink Test

Run the following in a separate terminal

   alias fd ~/dist/sw/slc3_ia32_gcc323/external/xdaq/3.7.3/daq/itools/i2ocore-modules/fedkit/fedkit_dump_receiver
   fd | ~hazen/bin/check_fedkit_dump.pl

Then run 'test_all.exe' with extra option '-l'. (no need to send the output to a file). If the receiver output shows events going by with no errors, the SLink output is OK.

Stuck DCC Recovery

Instead of cycling the power, you can do this:

 ~ > DCCdiagnose.exe 
  > dcc/reconf
  Matched dcc/reconfigure
  DCC firmware reload triggered.  Please re-start program

Testing Motherboards

 ~ > DCCdiagnose.exe 
  > map
   ... should display a map of PCI addresses like the one linked below ...
  > pci/read lc_conf 8
  Matched pci/read
  0008: ff000014
  > q

This tells you that the version number of the local control FPGA is 0x14 (decimal 20). If this number is not 0x14, please make a note on a post-it on the motherboard (or equivalent). It will need to be updated by Mr Wu.

A bare motherboard should display a map of PCI addresses like this . (The hex addresses are not important, but all the items should be present).