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Documentation for CMS HCAL sTTS Tester.

This gadget consists of a Xilinx Spartan-3E Eval board (could also use a [http://www.digilentinc.com/Products/Detail.cfm?Prod=NEXYS&Nav1=Products&Nav2=Programmable Nexys] board from Digilent) with a custom interface PCB. It has two sTTS compatible inputs, two NIM L1A outputs, and 4 spare LVTTL outputs.



Rev 1 (using Xilinx eval board)

Spartan-3E Eval Board] from Xilinx • User Guide (mating connector P/N FX2-100S-1.27DS available at Digi-Key . (through cap and 100 ohm R) plus some spare LVTTL outputs.

See [http://cmsdoc.cern.ch/cms/TRIDAS/horizontal/RUWG/DAQ_IF_guide/DAQ_IF_guide.html CMS DAQ Interfacing Guide] for TTS pinout


30 Jun 2009 (hazen)

Make trigger blanking around BC0 programmable. Start with existing firmware. Default settings are:

  front_porch    250      measured 6.1us
  back_porch     500      measured 12.5us

Modify firmware to use params (27,28) and (29,30) to set these. ''New power-up behavior is no blanking region at all''.