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Friday 19 Oct 2007 – Phone Conference

My notes from phone conference (informal)

On Friday we had a teleconference in which the Fermilab guys (Julie, Jim Freeman, Sergey Los, Adam Para) participated along with me, Jim and Arjan. It was agreed that we do our best to perform the tests on Dec 2nd.

Sergey Los at Fermilab will take care of most of the hardware. He will prepare about 10 boards with 4 SiPMs each mounted. He will also prepare a 4-channel preamp board. We will use our LeCroy scope for the tests in Boston.

Fermilab will also provide a dark box and (I believe) a low-level LED pulser of some sort.

There exist already boards to remotely (with a screwdriver and voltmeter) control the bias voltage. This is a non-preferred option as I am fresh out of computer-controlled screwdrivers! Arjan is going to send 4 or 5 Keithley power supplies with GPIB control to Boston next week as a better option.

We will provide DAQ and analysis software. I intend to provide a program which can capture and download waveforms from the scope (this already exists) plus some additional tools to set parameters on the scope (like trigger level, vertical scale, etc) and also to somehow measure the trigger rate to permit a measurement of noise rate vs trigger level.

Jason will provide ROOT-based tools to make histograms of the raw data samples and integrated charge in waveforms, along with plots of various quantities versus bias voltage.

This is going to be a real challenge to pull together by the 2nd of December. Various of us will be out of town at various times:

  Arjan:  out from Oct 24-Nov 11.  Reachable by e-mail intermittently  
  Eric:   out from Oct 27-Nov 5 and Nov 28-30.