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This page is a temporary site for documentation related to radiation testing of SiPMs for CMS HCAL.

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(update 11/19/07)


Slides (hazen)Sergey's update Slides (Hazen) – (includes floor plan of Cyclotron)


Scatterer in the Radiation Test Beamline at the Francis H. Burr Proton Therapy Center" – PDF – paper on beam profiles

Hardware for Test

  1. Keithley 6487 supplies (GPIB control) – CERN (Arjan) – Manual
    1. Test beam setup (remote control via trimpot and VOM) – Ship from CERN, Fermilab design
  2. Computer (surplus CMS dual Xeon rackmount with Windoze XP) – BU (Hazen)
  3. HP8112A Pulser – Manual
  4. NI PCI-GPIB interface – BU (hazen)
  5. NI PCI-6024E interface (if needed, 12-bit analog (16 in, 2 out) plus DIO/counters – BU (Hazen)

    Oscilloscope Readout

    • Updated C++ program for decoding (includes sample waveforms)

    We have a LeCroy Waverunner LT584 scope. It is supported by various software (unfortunately all for Windows).

    and allows interactions with a picture of the front panel. With the scope set up to record a large number of segments, it isn't a bad way to transfer data, but requires a human to push buttons. transfer from any Microsoft programming language.

    Visual Basic

    Installed Visual Basic 2005 Express (free). Can easily use ActiveDSO to control and readout scope.

    See sample VB program which reads 4 channels of native (binary) waveform (all segments) and writes to a binary file. This takes ~ 2.5 seconds over ethernet. Of course, one would need to write an analysis program to make sense of the data. Reading and storing ascii data in a text file is much slower.

    Other resources:

    callable from (i.e.) visual basic.