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2008-06-17 (BU, hazen)

At BU, no known problems. Reprogram with latest firmware:

  XILINX - 0x2c2d
  PCI1   - 0x0d
  PCI2   - 0x0c
  PCI3   - 0x15
  CPLD   - 0x2
  LRBs   - 0x22

Testing with S-Link readout. LRB 4 sends total rubbish on all 3 spigots. Try reprogramming just LRB4 with v27 firmware. Didn't help. Replace the LRB.

LRB is OK now, but TTS output doesn't seem to work. Try another DCC (S/N 38) and the TTS is fine. Replace jumper board. Now it's worse!