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2008-02-07 (hazen)

SL4, hcal 3.11.3 installed. CAEN VME tools installed. Summary of what was done:

Arno's instructions:

  # service mysqld start
  daqowner> ~/tomcat/bin/startup.sh

Point browser to http://localhost:16000/rcms

  Try to log in as user=rcms pw=rcms_bu

2007-12-04 (hazen) - migrate CMS1 to SL4.

First, backup all. /export/home usage:

# du -sch *
 2.5M    arno
 13M     cjlawlor
 765M    cmsadmin
 256K    daq
 9.5G    daqowner
 128M    ghu
 317M    hazen
 8.2M    jmbutler
 16K     lost+found
 140M    rohlf
 23M     stjohn
 87M     wusx
 11G     total

Not clear why we must save any of this, but I guess we should burn some DVDs.

Now I find out that we don't need SL4 for now anyhow! Put this to bed for a bit.