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Using the "new" runcontrol.

Connect to http://cmsrc-hcal:16000 from the private network. Login as (hcalpro, hcalpro). You now see the top of the heirarchy of configurations. Choose USC55 for underground use. Navigate the tree to the desired configuration.

Use 'create' to load a new configuration, or 'attach' to connect to an existing one.

Configuration Editing

  1. Download the manager.jar file. Click the RCMS logo on an RCMS screen, goto Downloads.
Find the rs_manager.jar or manager.jar and download it. Run it on a private network machine with:

  java -jar manager.jar

  1. Set up the connection:

  Select Oracle in pull-down menu
  Hostname:  oracms.cern.ch (or just oracms from private network)
  Port:  10121
  SID:   omds
  Login: rs_hcal
  Password: ********

Click the satellite dish icon to connect. Much of the time it just doesn't work. As I am writing this, it doesn't, so I won't document it further at the moment (sigh).