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The monitoring subsystem reads hardware registers periodically (of order many seconds between updates) and makes data available to the MonLogger (for storage) and HyperMonVis (for real-time plots)

The frequency of reading the hardware is controlled by flashlists. See '''/home/daqowner/dist/share/hcalxt/flash'''.

The monlogger (saves data in files/db) controlled by files in '''/home/daqowner/dist/etc/hcal/monvis'''. File hcal-MonLogger.xml has update conditions, which control how often data is written to files/db. Look for a line tagged with LogTable. The parameter minratesec is the maximum time which will elapse between writes. The minimum time is 1 minute, even if you put a smaller value in the file. The optional parameter change on each item requests ''save-on-change''.

This system is ''slow''! Don't expect anything to happen faster than once per minute or so (except the hardware reads, which can happen every 10 sec).