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First, ensure that the LRB says "LRB V2.9" on the copper layer near J3 (side with connectors).

Next, find J6. If it is installed on the side with the text "J6" next to it, then you need the "New LRB" programming cable. If it is installed on the other side of the board, use the un-marked cable for boards with the connector on the bottom.

You need the 'Max+II Programmer Only' software. It is installed on the black PC in the CMS lab.

Find the JAM file for the LRB firmware you wish to program. The standard production version is here: [http://cmsdoc.cern.ch/cms/HCAL/document/CountingHouse/DCC/firmware/lrbv26.jam lrbv26.jam].

Start Max+plus II.

Select Max+plus II->Programmer.

Select JTAG->Multi-device JTAG Chain Setup. If there is not already an EPC2 device listed with the correct programming file, select EPC2 in the Device Name box and the programming file. Click Add. The dialog box should look like this:


Click Detect JTAG Chain Info. You should see "JTAG Chain Information Confirmed by Hardware Check". If not, there is a cable problem, or the LRB is bad.

Click OK, and if you get a question about whether to enable multi-device mode, click Yes.

Click Program to program the LRB.