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2009-03-23 (hazen, BU)

Testing histogramming firmware HTR_14100.mcs. Download to top/bottom in slot 21. Cable to DCC1 in slot 11, spigots 0, 1. That is wierd. Double-checked that I entered "slot 21" in htr.exe, but "htr -f -m" reports this:

 Found a TTCvi card in crate  caen:0 with BYTE_SWAP false and serial number
 Slots:          9      16      17      18      19      21
 Cards:       TTCf     HTR     HTR     HTR     DDC     HTR
 S/N:           31      66      16     250       0      17
 SWAP:        true    true    true    true    true    true
 Slot                   16      17      18      21
 S/N(dec)               66      16     250      17
 fwVME                  47      47      47      47
 fwTOP                 d85     d85     d85   14100
 fwBOT                 d85     d85     d85   14100

Cycle the power. still messed up. htr.exe is broken (so what else is new!). Proceed anyway.

Try to take data with slot 21 HTR... doesn't work. Reprogram top only in HTR in slot 16 with 14100.

2008-09-25 (hazen, BU)

Testing HTR firmware version A85 . For all runs the rate was 100kHz random with standard trigger rules. Trigger gadget settings:

 ~/src/TTS_ctrl > ./random_100kHz_rules
 Orbit Length:       -o 3563 BX
 Trigger Delay:      -d 100 BX
 Orbit Count:        -n 10 orbits
 Trigger Spacing:    -s 25 BX
 Triggers per orbit: -t 4 triggers
 Repeat period:      -r 0 orbits
 Random threshold:   -p 155 / 65535
 TTS latency         -l 0 BXn (0 sec)
 TTS sample mask     -m 0
 Trigger rule 1: no more than 1 triggers per 3 BX
 Trigger rule 2: no more than 2 triggers per 25 BX
 Trigger rule 3: no more than 3 triggers per 100 BX
 Trigger rule 4: no more than 4 triggers per 250 BX

Here are the results. Looks good. The Rate column shows the actual trigger rate after backpressure (due to DCC bandwidth limits).

Run Flavors Settings Rate Results Notes
Run 90009 00-0b nTS=2, nTP=0 100kHz Results No errors (CErr, UErr, CRC) are seen.
Run 90010 00-0b nTS=8, nTP=0 74kHz Results No errors but EE, BZ, OW, OFW
Run 90011 0c-10, 13, 06-0b nTS=8, nTP=0 74kHz Results No errors but EE, BZ, OW, OFW
Run 90012 0c-10, 13, 06-0b nTS=10, nTP=10 40 kHz Results No errors but EE, BZ, OW, OFW