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Log in as daqowner either from the login prompt, or with su - daqowner.

Preserve the last vestige of functionality you had:

  ~ $ rm dist

  ~ $ wget http://cmshcalweb01.cern.ch/hcalsw/release/installDAQ_X_Y_Z.perl

And bring on the funk

~ $ perl installDAQ_X_Y_Z.perl --mode=teststand | tee installDAQ_X_Y_Z.log

Go get coffee while the wgets do the wgetting.


  ~ cd ~daqowner
  ~ mv dist dist_X_Y_Z
  ~ ln -s dist_X_Y_Z dist

To install your own source tree

  ~ $ wget http://cmshcalweb01.cern.ch/hcalsw/release/installDAQ_X_Y_Z.perl
  ~ $ perl installDAQ_X_Y_Z.perl --mode=teststand --ownsource=${HOME}/src/x_y_z --packages=hcalHW,hcalDCC --cvsuser=MeMeMe!

or, without using a CERN CVS account,

  ~ $ emacs installDAQ_8_0_3.perl & 

Uncomment the line below by removing the initial pound sign, and saving the file.

  #    my $CVSLOC=":pserver:anonymous:98passwd\@isscvs.cern.ch:/local/reps/tridas"; 

  ~ $ perl installDAQ_X_Y_Z.perl --mode=teststand --ownsource=${HOME}/src/x_y_z --packages=hcalHW,hcalDCC