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Cruzet data problems

and a second fragment contains the rest of the event. Possibly an LRB problem, according to Mr Wu.

Run 43401

 EvN 00000772 FED 023 HTR 06 reason "HTR status=f302"
 Evn 00283895 FED 722 HTR 03 reason "LOS"
 Evn 00210577 FED 723 HTR 06 reason "LOS"

723-6 had one bad EvN in header, then OK 722-3 went crazy, sent > 1024 words (DCC truncated). After that this spigot is off by one EvN. 723-6 had the "broken event" problem starting at 327898.

Run 43375

FED 723-6 had the "broken event" problem

Run 43408

FED 723-6 hand the "broken event" problem.