SiteMap (Historical BU CMS wiki main page)

From the RCMS logo, downloads, select Chainsaw at the left. Save chainsaw.jnlp to disk. Run it with:

  javaws chainsaw.jnlp

Select "Let me use a single receiver" and select type "SocketHubReceiver" and OK .

Select '''SimpleReceiver'' at the right. Fill in the bottom table:

  host:  cmsrc-hcal (if at CMS) or localhost
  Port:  16021
  threshold:  DEBUG (or higher)

Click the refresh icon (recycling arrows) at the top and OK the dialog box about stopping active receivers.

A tab cmsrc-hcal should appear. Select it.

Navigate the heirarchy at the left to find the xDAQ application you are interested in and right-click for a menu. You can focus only on the selected part of the heirarchy.