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This is Eric's very primitive HOWTO for CVS access to HCAL TriDAS source.


First, add the following to your .bashrc (or .tcshrc):

      alias cvs_anon   cvs -d :pserver:anonymous:98passwd@isscvs.cern.ch:/local/reps/tridas
      alias cvs_me     cvs -d :ext:username@isscvs.cern.ch:/local/reps/tridas

Replace ''username'' with your AFS username at CERN.

Second, when you log in (or in our ....rc file) put:

  setenv CVSROOT xx   (or export CVSROOT=xx)

Because the environment varialb CVSROOT must be set to ''something''.

Checking Out

I recommend to check out to a scratch directory (under /tmp) for example. Some people checkout code into their real $XDAQ_ROOT source area and work on it there, but I find that too confusing. So, do something like this:

  cd /tmp
  mkdir hcal_xxx
  cd hcal_xxx
  cvs_anon co -r Release_xxx TriDAS/hcal

(leave out the -r Release_xxxx if you want the latest code instead of a specific release)

Checking In

Start with a fresh (or at least fairly recent) checkout to a scratch directory. Assuming you did the above....

  cd /tmp/hcal_xxx
  cd zzzz                     (goto directory with file of interest)
  cvs_me update -A filename   (make sure we have the latest version)
  diff filename /my_working_dir/filename  (check that changes make sense)
  cp /my_working_dir/filename .    (replace with edited file)
  cvs_me commit filename

To add a new file to the repository, go to the relevant directory under /tmp/hcal_xxx and use:

  cvs_me add filename
  cvs_me commit filename