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2008-04-03 (hazen)

CMS1 threw a bunch of errors on /export/home (/dev/sda3) and remounted read-only. Backup ~hazen/hcal stuff to /export/data (which is on /dev/sda5).

Went single user and run

  # umount /dev/sda3
  # e2fsck /dev/sda3 -p

Won't run... requires to be run manually (sigh). Run again with '-y' option. There is only one physical drive connected (/dev/sda).

Copy /export/data/Backups to buphy.

Install new 250GB SATA drive on 2nd SATA connector. Partition as:

  sdb1  40G  /
  sdb2   4G  swap
  sdb3 100G  /home
  sdb4 100G  /data

Create ext3 fs on all partitions. Guoan copied everything and changed the partition labels to match. Swap SATA cables and reboot, now running from new disk.