wiki:setup notes


  • Username + password are on desk.
  • to use altera to compile, ssh -YC EDFguest@…

flight simulator board

  • Flightsimulator board path: ~/work/flightsimulator/python
  • config file: trackersim.conf
  • executable:
    • you must choose the correct USB device with the -u command (usually -u /dev/ttyUSB2)

Tracker readout module

  • readout path: ~/work/TRM-python
  • command: -v (threshold in mV) -D /dev/ttyUSB(0-2)

Histogram generation code

This script will run the readout module and make histograms of the least significant bits of the TDC bins. Make sure flight simulator is running.

  • script directory: ~/work/TRM-python
  • command: -n (number of histogram entries) -o (path to output directory) -v (threshold in mV) -D /dev/ttyUSB(0-2)
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