Cable list extracted from 1/16/09 spreadsheet: wires_list-eric.ods (various liberties taken!)

'This is the list which we will use for cost estimates, whether it is right or not!

'Low-level twisted pairs (100-pin micro-D) total_9_cables?

  • 288 wires to central cell for 0.3K temp sensors 3_cables?
  • 180 wires to 4.2K region 2_cables?
  • 128 wires to central cell for other items 2_cables?
  • 64 wires from cryo subsystem (various places, outside 4.2K) 2_cables_with_below?
  • 50 extra T.P.

'High-level twisted pairs (50 pin mini-D connector) 4_cables?

'High Voltage (< 5kV) 36_MHV/SHV_cables?

'Ultra HV (30kV) 2_UHV_cables?

'Signal Coax 32_BNC_or_equivalent?

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