This page describes the eVOLVER system being developed for the Kahlil lab in BME.

Design Updates (2020)

Updated Designs (2018)

  • Wiring Guide with some notes about how the ADC and PWM channels are connected through the system.

Some thoughts on trace routing for high current:

See spreadsheet (OpenOffice) with calcs. Estimate for existing design with .040" traces using 0.5A load shows 0.16V drop with 80mW dissipation for each circuit. If we increase to 0.6A and decrease trace width to 0.020 that is 0.38V drop and 230mW dissipation. This should be OK. Note that all 4 layers are used.

Tachometer fan speed readout

Board Designs (2016/2017)

ECOs (errors) in production boards

  • Ground mis-connected on Aux board RS-485 female connector. Fix: jumper pin 1 to pin 5 on the back of the board. Ground is supposed to be on pin 5.


Power Supplies

24V Estimates:

24V:  0.15A per heater  (16)
      0.05A per fan     (16)
      0.15A per pump    (48)
      Total   = 10.4 A
5V: 0.1A per LED plus 1A total for logic plus Raspberry Pi = 0.1A*16 + 1A + 0.5A = 3.1A (~15.5W)

12V Estimates:

12V:  0.3A per heater  (16)
      0.1A per fan     (16)
      0.3A per pump    (48)
5V: 0.1A per LED plus 1A total for logic = 2.6A (~15W)

Candidate 24V supplies:

Candidate 5V supplies:

Other Information

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