UP: QuadPulser

Note that this is the original Zybo, not the newer Z7-10 or Z7-20 boards. This is required because we need four (double) high-speed PMOD connectors.

ADC board pin to adapter header pin mapping:

ADC Net FMC Pair Adapter
CLK_OUT H4/H5 P1-1,2
DATA_OUT H7/H8 P1-3,4
DATA_IN H10/H11 P2-1,2
FMCCLK2 G30/G31 P2-3,4
FMCCLK1 C2/C3 P3-1,2
PWR_ENA C26 P3-3

Chip used is Xilinx Zynq-7000 (XC7Z010-1CLG400C). Pinout details for PMOD I/O below.

High speed PMOD A/B

Pmod JA (XADC) Pmod JB (Hi-Speed)
JA1: N15 IO_L21P_T3_DQS_AD14P_35 JB1: T20 IO_L15P_T2_DQS_34
JA2: L14 IO_L22P_T3_AD7P_35 JB2: U20 IO_L15N_T2_DQS_34
JA3: K16 IO_L24P_T3_AD15P_35 JB3: V20 IO_L16P_T2_34
JA4: K14 IO_L20P_T3_AD6P_35 JB4: W20 IO_L16N_T2_34
JA7: N16 IO_L21N_T3_DQS_AD14N_35 JB7: Y18 IO_L17P_T2_34
JA8: L15 IO_L22N_T3_AD7N_35 JB8: Y19 IO_L17N_T2_34
JA9: J16 IO_L24N_T3_AD15N_35 JB9: W18 IO_L22P_T3_34
JA10: J14 IO_L20N_T3_AD6N_35 JB10: W19 IO_L22N_T3_34

High speed PMOD C/D

Pmod JC (Hi-Speed) Pmod JD (Hi-Speed)
JC1: V15 IO_L10P_T1_34 JD1: T14 IO_L5P_T0_34
JC2: W15 IO_L10N_T1_34 JD2: T15 IO_L5N_T0_34
JC3: T11 IO_L1P_T0_34 JD3: P14 IO_L6P_T0_34
JC4: T10 IO_L1N_T0_34 JD4: R14 IO_L6N_T0_VREF_34
JC7: W14 IO_L8P_T1_34 JD7: U14 IO_L11P_T1_SRCC_34
JC8: Y14 IO_L8N_T1_34 JD8: U15 IO_L11N_T1_SRCC_34
JC9: T12 IO_L2P_T0_34 JD9: V17 IO_L21P_T3_DQS_34
JC10: U12 IO_L2N_T0_34 JD10: V18 IO_L21N_T3_DQS_34

Standard PMOT E and MIO PMOD F

Pmod JE Pmod JF (MIO)
JE1: V12 IO_L4P_T0_34 JF1: MIO-13 PS_MIO13_500
JE2: W16 IO_L18N_T2_34 JF2: MIO-10 PS_MIO10_500
JE3: J15 IO_25_35 JF3: MIO-11 PS_MIO11_500
JE4: H15 IO_L19P_T3_35 JF4: MIO-12 PS_MIO12_500
JE7: V13 IO_L3N_T0_DQS_34 JF7: MIO-0 PS_MIO0_500
JE8: U17 IO_L9N_T1_DQS_34 JF8: MIO-9 PS_MIO9_500
JE9: T17 IO_L20P_T3_34 JF9: MIO-14 PS_MIO14_500
JE10: Y17 IO_L7N_T1_34 JF10: MIO-15 PS_MIO15_500
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