Building a Complete BOOT.bin and Linux Image

What to Install

I used the 2015.4 version of each of these programs, but I believe that so long as the version number is consistent then it should work.

  • Vivado 2015.4 with SDK
  • Xilinx Petalinux 2015.4

Required Downloads

These are the all of the board_files for use as a template in Vivado supplied by Digilent. You really only need to copy over the Zybo board file.
ZYBO Board Files Place these files in {Vivado Install Directory}/Vivado/2015.4/data/boards/board_files/

This is the board support file also supplied by Digilent. It's used to provide the hardware description when creating a Petalinux project.
ZYBO Board support file

Hardware Design

Source from {Vivado Install Directory}.
In Vivado, create a new project.
Choose for it to be an RTL project, and don't add any sources now.
When selecting your default part, choose Boards at the top, and select Zybo (This won't be here if you haven't installed the Zybo Board file yet)

Navigate to Create Block Design on the left, name the hardware "system".
From here you can add anything you need on your project. I chose to add a ZNYQ7 Processor and three GPIO ports.
Once you're done, run Block Automation on the top.
Run Connection Automation.

For the GPIO select the S_AXI connections.
Run Connection Automation again, and connect the GPIO to btns, leds, and sws.

Run Refresh Connections and then Validate Design.

Navigate to Project Manager on the left.
Right click on system in Design Sources and Create HDL Wrapper.
Click on Generate Bitsream on the bottom left.
Go to File -> Export -> Export Hardware. Choose to include the bitstream.

Embedded Linux through PetaLinux

In a new terminal, source from {Petalinux Install Directory}.
Create the petalinux project : petalinux-create --type project --name {project name} --source {path/to/Zybo Board Support file (should be a BSP file)}
Configure the project : petalinux-config --get-hw-description {path/to/Vivado Project}/project.sdk (ex. ~/Documents/projects/zybo/zybo.sdk)
Enable Dropbear SSH : petalinux-config -c rootfs --project {path/to/petalinux project) and navigate to FileSystem Packages -> Console/Network -> dropbear.
Build the image : petalinux-build --project {path/to/petalinux project}

Create FSBL -- (Currently having problems with this one)

In vivado open SDK,
Create new Application Project,
Create packaged BOOT.bin : petalinux-package --boot --format BIN --project zybo_linux --fsbl zybo_spi/zybo_spi.sdk/Zynq_FSBL/Debug/Zynq_FSBL.elf --fpga zybo_spi/zybo_spi.runs/impl_1/system_wrapper.bit --u-boot
Copy BOOT.bin and zybo_linux/images/linux/image.ub to SD card,
SD card must be formatted so that the first 4MiB are unallocated, the next partition is at least 100MiB and is fat32, and the remainder is ex4

General Notes

  • Don't have petalinux and vivado sourced in the same terminal at the same time unless you're using the petalinux-package commands. It will just cause errors and extra headache.
  • Make sure that your project's target language in Vivado is set VHDL and not Verilog.
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