General Description

The timing box is designed to control two lasers, based on a single 1KHz trigger (clock) input. For each laser, the following output signals are provided. All signals are 3.3V TTL (74LVT244 buffer).

; Trig Monitor: a buffered output of the trigger signal for monitoring on an oscilloscope. ; Trig Delay: a delayed trigger, with delay adjustable from 0-999.9 us. ; Flashlamp: a 10Hz output derived from Trig Delay (no additional delay) ; Q-Switch: a 10Hz output delayed by an additional 0-999.9 us from flashlamp output. ; Shutter: an output with a programmable rate delayed by an additional 0-999.9 us from flashlamp output.

User Interface

The development board 7 segment LED display, four momentary switches, eight toggle switches, and eight LEDs. The user interface is implemented using these as follows:

7-Segment LEDS

Four digits display the value to be edited. Typically this is a delay in us. The digit being modified blinks. When a new function is selected, the function code appears momentarily on the display.

Momentary Switches

  • SW1 Function_Select? Momentarily display the function number on the LED display when pressed, then the current value for editing. Each of the two lasers has 4 functions which may be programmed, so there are a total of 8 functions.
FunctionLED Display
Laser 1 Trigger DelayL1F1
Laser 1 Q-Switch DelayL1F2
Laser 1 Shutter DelayL1F3
Laser 1 Shutter rateL1F4
Laser 2 Trigger DelayL2F1
Laser 2 Q-Switch DelayL2F2
Laser 2 Shutter DelayL2F3
Laser 2 Shutter RateL2F4

Toggle Switches

  • T1 - Laser 1 Q-Switch Enable
  • T2 - Laser 1 Flashlamp Enable
  • T3 - Laser 2 Q-Switch Enable
  • T4 - Laser 2 Flashlamp Enable
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