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2018.3 Doesn't work with multiple monitors

Yep. It's true :( There is no solution except to unplug them. I guess Xilinx doesn't really support Linux.

Ethernet Device Name

For older version (e.g. 2015.4) the Ethernet device must be named eth0 not something else. In Ubuntu 18.04, do the following to change back to eth0:

  edit /etc/default/grub
  GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0"

As of now (late 2017) Xilinx "supports" Ubuntu 16.04 (but not earlier Ubuntu releases)

License Server

2018-01-22 (UPDATE): ignore all the below; the certificate based "xilinx.lic" file loads just fine still in 2017.4.

2018-01-22 (hazen): Allegedly, as of Vivado 2017.4 a flexlm upgrade is needed. Downloaded the new flexlm zip file from Xilinx onto a VM running 16.04. Fully update the 16.04.

Here is the not-very-helpful readme (reformatted a bit):

Setting up a new license server:

1.	Download the appropriate Xilinx FLEXnet license utilities for your server's 
        operating system from the Xilinx Download Center at Downloads.

2.	Unzip these utilities into a destination directory. Xilinx recommends you place 
        this directory into your application search path.

3.	After the FLEXnet utilities are installed, run the following commands to start 
        the floating license server:

 <Server Tool directory>/lnx64.o/ -c <path_to_license>/<license file>.lic \
     -l <path_to_license>/<log filename>1.log
Existing license server serving certificate-based license:

For existing FLEXnet license servers serving certificate-based licenses, a common practice 
is to copy the contents of the license file, mailed from, 
into the existing license file on your FLEXnet server.

Note: Restart the floating license server to ensure the new Xilinx licenses are enabled.

Doesn't work. Turns out one must do:

  $ sudo apt install lsb

"LSB" is some linux standard base stuff which is required.