Ethernet Device Name

For older version (e.g. 2015.4) the Ethernet device must be named eth0 not something else. In Ubuntu 18.04, do the following to change back to eth0:

  edit /etc/default/grub
  GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX="net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0"

As of now (late 2017) Xilinx "supports" Ubuntu 16.04 (but not earlier Ubuntu releases)

License Server

2018-01-22 (UPDATE): ignore all the below; the certificate based "xilinx.lic" file loads just fine still in 2017.4.

2018-01-22 (hazen): Allegedly, as of Vivado 2017.4 a flexlm upgrade is needed. Downloaded the new flexlm zip file from Xilinx onto a VM running 16.04. Fully update the 16.04.

Here is the not-very-helpful readme (reformatted a bit):

Setting up a new license server:

1.	Download the appropriate Xilinx FLEXnet license utilities for your server's 
        operating system from the Xilinx Download Center at Downloads.

2.	Unzip these utilities into a destination directory. Xilinx recommends you place 
        this directory into your application search path.

3.	After the FLEXnet utilities are installed, run the following commands to start 
        the floating license server:

 <Server Tool directory>/lnx64.o/ -c <path_to_license>/<license file>.lic \
     -l <path_to_license>/<log filename>1.log
Existing license server serving certificate-based license:

For existing FLEXnet license servers serving certificate-based licenses, a common practice 
is to copy the contents of the license file, mailed from, 
into the existing license file on your FLEXnet server.

Note: Restart the floating license server to ensure the new Xilinx licenses are enabled.

Doesn't work. Turns out one must do:

  $ sudo apt install lsb

"LSB" is some linux standard base stuff which is required.

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