Notes on controlling stepping motor with simple Visual Basic program (

First, 'Visual Basic Express 2005 was used for this test. Follow the "for developers" link on the Microsoft web site to install it.

Second, the port driver 'inpout32.dll from the web site must be installed (just find the DLL file and copy it to the c:\WINDOWS\system32 directory, at least under Windows XP)

Finally, the zip file referenced above must be unzipped on a local drive (not a network share, unless you can fix the .NET framework security problems which result).

Run the program, and you should get a dialog box like this

Set the LPT port address (usually either the default 3bc or 378 (use the windows device manager if necessary to find out). Enter 1' in the "speed (delay)" box. Enter a number of steps in the "Steps" box and press "GO". For example, 200 steps is one revolution. Enter a negative value for the opposite direction.

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