This page describes an electronics module which will provide a computer interface for power management, clock, controls and readout of the G-2 traceback tracker.

2013 Prototype

The prototype is built on a Diglent Nexys 3 A simple interface communicates with the TDC board using the C5 protocol described in the paper linked below.

The TRM logic may be logically partitioned into 3 separate blocks described below.

Clocks required, generated from 100MHz oscillator using 2 DCMs:

  • 40MHz for C5 encoder
  • 125MHz for 8b10b recovery (25MHz * N (where n=5/6/7 or so)

A temporary USB computer interface is provided.

Nexys 3 programming on Linux:

  • Download Adept runtime and utilities from digilent web page
    • Uncompress both
    • Find "ftdi_drivers" folder and run the script using sudo
    • Go up to the runtime directory and run script using sudo
    • Go to the utilities directory and run script using sudo
    • (just take the defaults for all the questions)

Programming incantation:

  djtgcfg -d Nexys3 -i 0 prog -f ~/ISE/G-2/CDRTest/top.bit


proposed for use in TDC clock/readout

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