PCB design / layout comments (mark when finished)


  • Schematic incomplete

LV Mixer

  • Small changes per lab meeting
  • Perform PCB layout

HV Pulser

  • Remove the LMG1210 and all associated passive components. Replace with circuit below.

  • Increase silkscreen text height to 0.05 or 0.06
  • Add mounting holes
    • put on 0.25 inch grid
    • 0.25 inch dia pad, 0.15 inch diam hole

Filament supply

  • Ground the coax shields on the schematic
  • Add a 10k resistor between the + and - output connectors
  • Please add a connector for remote monitoring of voltage/current.

I suggest a DB-9 female connector mounted on the PCB edge with pinout as follows (so a twisted pair cable can be used):

1 - output+ (J4 center) (through 100 ohm resistor)
2 - output- (J3 center) (through 100 ohm resistor)
3 - -VDC (through 100 ohm resistor)
4 - P2 (pot wiper) (through 100 ohm resistor)
5-9 - GND
  • Choose a panel meter (2-1/2 or 3-1/2 digits is fine) and figure out

how to power it and add appropriate pins to J5

  • Fix the mounting holes:
    • put on 0.25 inch grid
    • 0.25 inch dia pad, 0.15 inch diam hole
  • All silkscreen text is too small and mostly too close to components
    • On a large, non-crowded board like this, use ~ 0.08 inch (please set to inch settings) height text and move a bit away from components to easier to read.
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