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TOF meeting 2019-09-17

Present: M. El-Batanouny, George, Siwei, Mike K.

Reviewed both systems.

Regular Helium Scattering

Custom electronics needed:

  • TOF box
  • Preamp / discriminator for MCP (multi-channel plate) pulse input
  • 3A floating constant-current supply for e-gun filament
  • Low Voltage "pulser" (mixer)

Off-the-shelf electronics:

  • 0 to 400V supply
  • 0 to -25V supply
  • 0 to 20V supply

The Filament supply and LV pulser should be fairly close to the e-gun feedthrough.

The Preamp may need to be near the MCP electronics depending on signal levels

Metastable Helium Experiment

Custom electronics needed:

  • TOF box (only pulse output used)
  • Exciter power supply (can be same as e-gun filament supply?)
  • HV pulser

Off-the-shelf electronics:

  • -200V supply (could be the 0-400V from regular experiment)
  • Solenoid power supply


  • find the LV pulser schematic
  • signal characteristics of the MCP output