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Initial meeting. Agreed to make a small prototype. Notes from Steve by e-mail:

 After reading Eric''s message, I think we should plan for a prototype 30 cm
 long, 20 cm wide, with 30 cm long 30 micron diameter gold plated tungsten
 wires. The wire pitch should be 5 mm, and the wires should be 5 mm below the
 top grounded plate and 5 mm above the bottom grounded plate. Initially, we
 will have lithium foil on the bottom only, and if that works we will have a
 lithium plate on top as well. We should have a Faraday cage, as Eric
 suggests, around the whole thing. And we should have a preamp for each of
 the 40 wires. It would be nice if we could sum all the wires.
 I am getting a portable Ortec MCA that accepts preamp signals at the input
 (see attached). It would be nice if the summed preamp specs are compatible
 with this.

My notes PNG

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