Test Beam 2014 To Do List

Emergency DAQ Plans

  • See Robs Notes about test beam
  • Test 1MHz operation of a couple of TDC channels
  • Fix the logic on the Xilinx board so a single command/signal can reset, trigger, readout
  • Triggering options
    • External "spill" input which causes one TDC cycle with readout
    • Computer-triggered "spill" providing an output logic signal
  • Get 16MB on-board RAM on NEXYS3 working for buffering during a 4sec machine cycle.

To Buy

  • VMOD-WW wire-wrap adapter board for (ordered 11/25/13 for 2-day shipping)
  • ATLYS board (ordered 11/25/13)
  • More JTAG cables from Samtec (P/N FFSD-08-S-10.00-01-N, ordered 11/25/13)
  • Altera USB programming cable


  • Get flash memory working on TDC board
  • Test multi-channel TDC operation
  • Calibrate discriminator threshold vs input charge
  • Get together a simple python data-taking script

For chamber commissioning (early Dec.)

  • 1 set working electronics (ASDQ + TDC board) at FNAL
  • Nexys3 Xilinx board with connector board
  • MicroUSB cables (2)
  • Readout cable (Xilinx-to-TDC) ~ 1m long
  • Computer with Altera and Xilinx software for FPGA programming
  • Altera USB programming cable

For test beam (early Jan.)

  • 3 sets working electronics (ASDQ + TDC board) at FNAL
  • Computer with IPBus and some sort of DAQ (plus Xilinx and Altera software)
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