Pending Changes

Component values:

C35, C36 = 1.0uF
R41 = 52.3k
R42 = 30.1k
R43, R47 = 39.2k
R44, R48 = 36.5k
R45 = 0
R46 = omit
J4 = LSHM-130-02.5-F-DV-N
  • On U3F (FPGA), connect MSEL0 and MSEL2 pins to GND. Connect MSEL1 to V+3.3.

Design Notes

  • TDC is EP3C5U256C6 (though we should remain pin compatible with EP3C16U256) pkg is 14x14mm 0.8mm pitch 256 pin BGA
  • Configuration device is EPCS16SI8N (8-SOIC)
  • Wire configuration as: complicated diagram
    • Need 2 10-pin headers for JTAG plus ICSP. Maybe a Samtec ESHF .05" pitch header? Can merge into one larger if space is tight.
  • EP3C5_pinout.xls
  • DAC124S085 DAC should drive four signals through amplifiers to provide -3V...+3V swing. Maybe need to power op-amps

on +/-4V to get full swing.

  • Connector candidate: Samtec T1M-10-GF-S-RA

ASDQ-TDC board connector FLE-113-01-G-DV mated to FTSH-113-02-L-DV mated height is about 0.29" (7.36mm)

Power supplied is ~350mA on each +4V and -4V to ASDQ board.

J1 Connector

'Pins Signal Notes
1-16 D1A...D8B LVDS pairs (unterminated)
17 TREFE_IN -3...+1.5V DAC output
19 TREFO_IN -3...+1.5V DAC output
21 DTHR_IN 0...+2.0V DAC output
23 IBLR_IN -3...+3V DAC output
25 TSTN1_IN Test pulse LVDS +
26 TSTP1_IN Test pulse LVDS -
18,20,22,24 GND

J4 Connector

'Pins Signal Notes
1-16 D1A...D8B LVDS pairs (unterminated)
19,20 V+3IN 3.5..4V nominal (5.5V max)
23,24 V-3IN -3.5V..4V nominal
25 TSTN2_IN Test pulse LVDS +
26 TSTP2_IN Test pulse LVDS -
17,18,21,22 GND

Configuration Alternatives

  • Small-footprint serial flash, i.e. MX25L4006EZUI-12G (2x3mm) or M45PE40-VMP6G (one of many 5x6mm).
  • Small-footprint uC i.e. ATTiny13A-MMU (also 3x3mm)

Reference Material

  • – source for DE0 eval board and Terasic Blaster USB cable
  • DAC124S085 from TI (Quad SPI 12-bit DAC) looks good for bias setting.
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