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See drawing board outline. This is the outline for the existing PCB in the power box.

'Component Notes:

  • U1 is a Xilinx CPLD. It comes in a PLC-44 package, which is in ExpressPCB as "SMT LCC - 0.050 pitch - 44 pin".
  • X1 is a 14 pin DIP oscillator
  • Q1-Q5 are in TO-220 packages. Leave room for heatsinks.
  • R11 and R12 are 25W resistors mounted on box. Put thru-hole pads for wires on the PCB.
  • Place bypass caps near each power pin of U1 and X1.
  • J3 and J5 are SIP header strips. Hole size should be at least .035 in to accommodate square posts.
  • J3 and J5 need not be accessible when the box is closed, so location is unimportant.
  • Use reasonably fat traces for the 12V path through the power transistors to J2 and to R11 and R12 (about 1A is flowing when the motor is on)
  • U1 requires good grounding and VCC connections. Suggest a copper pour under the chip for VCC, and elsewhere for GND on both sides. Route traces with enough space for good GND fill coverage.
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