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     1This page describes a USB battery discharge controller for Springleaf.
     3== Project Description ==
     5(from Greg Ekchian at Springleaf)
     7I would like to quote a project for making a printed circuit board and containing box with the following criteria.
     14== Further Details ==
     16He would like two assembled boxes and one spare assembled PC board.
     17He has a USB-6210 we can borrow.
     19He would like us to order both sizes of box proposed below and we should use the smaller size
     20if the USB-6210 fits.
     22An additional connector should be provided for an alternative application where
     23no relay is required, i.e. a connector across the relay contacts.
     26== Parts Chosen ==
     28* USB-6210 from National Instruments – [ Web Page] • [ Photos]
     29* Preferred box:  Hammond 1590EBK
     30* Alternate box:  Hammond 1590EEBK
     31* Banana jack black:  Pomona 1581-0
     32* Banana jack red: Pomona 1581-2
     33* Banana jack yellow:  Pomona 1581-4
     34* Relay:  Coto 9007-05-40 (DigiKey 306-1251-ND)
     36The USB-6210 is to be mounted inside the box with an opening cut to allow entry of the USB cable.
     37One digital output from the USB-6210 drives the coil of the relay.  The N.O. relay contacts
     38are connected in series with the battery and 60 ohm resistor.
     40Proposed layout is an ExpressPCB mini-board mounted below the lid of the box on short spacers.
     41The banana plugs would be mounted in the PCB, projecting through the lid.
     42The relay, resistor and a two-pin connector for the USB-6210 are mounted on the bottom of the board.
     44== Design Files ==
     45* [ Front Panel Drawing]
     46* Schematic [ USBControl.sch] • [ PDF]
     47* Layout [ USBControl.pcb] • [ PDF]
     48* Mechanical Drawing [ USBControl.dxf]