Remote Control

Used the Utility menu button to set the IP to a fixed The internet reveals that TCP port 5024 is used for SCIP. Voila!

hazen:~$ telnet 5024
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
Welcome to the SCPI instrument 'Siglent SDS5104X'
Siglent Technologies,SDS5104X,SDS5XCAC3R0055,

The remote control manual is here.

Binary waveform data is sent as "definite length block data" which is defined as:

  # <num_digits> <byte_count> <data...> <NL> <END>

So for example, the waveform descriptor is 346 bytes:

cmd:  C1:WF? DESC
resp: C1:WF DESC,#9000000346WAVEDESCWAVEACEZ ��Siglent SDS�� �� ���������=�@���B[0VS_p�0 A�?�@��

Ignoring the funny characters, the "#9000000346" is the length of the response in bytes.

"DAT2" seems to contain the waveform data, so one can get the first 256 bytes with:

  WFSU NP,256
  C1:WF? DAT2
  C1:WF DAT2,#9000000256�������.....
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