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Some interesting papers and ideas for SiPM readout

RMD Prototypes Summer 2010 Readout Project

PC Board for AE-223-2

Summer 2019

Version 1 of the SiPM readout board was developed. The purpose of this board is to have variable gain from the output of a four-channel SiPM package and to reduce noise in the readout.

Rev 1

Version 1 adds a single stage of variable amplification to each of the four SiPM output channels. Output from the SiPM is amplified with OPA656's and gain is adjusted onboard with a potentiometer.
Power into the SiPM is supplied by a SMA connector and power for the Op-Amps is provided by a 4-pin header.
To reduce noise all components used other than the SMA connectors, Dip socket for the SiPM, and 4-pin header are surface mounted.