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The customer will be using several SiPM modules (model SPCM-AQC4 from Excelitas). These modules have a somewhat inconvenient 72 position card-edge connector. The manufacturer provides a breakout board (SPCM-AQ4C-IO).

They would like us to design a "smaller and better" breakout board. Here are notes provided by the customer:

  • Integrate power regulation into the breakout board
    • Input 12V nominal (11-14V)
    • Reverse polarity protection
    • Optional: current fuse, over-voltage protection
    • Suggest DC/DC converter Murata OKY-T/3,T/5 or GE Critical Power ABXS001A4X45
  • Want two sets of connectors with options to populate either/both
    • Set 1: Individual lines:
      • Coax with SMA (edge mount) or MMCX for TTL discriminator outputs
      • One coax input for all gate lines (fanout on board)
      • Barrel connector or screw terminals for power in
    • Set 2: Combined connector:
      • Use LVDS for signalling
      • Gate can be single-ended
      • Optional: carry power
      • Could be USB-C or ribbon cable

Power requirements (from docs):

Voltage Current Notes
+5V 0.2-1A +/- 0.25V
+2V 1.0-3.0A +/- 50mV
+30V 10-40mA +/- 1V

According to the doc, the typical total power is 3.3W or so, so 0.3A @ 12V input.

Notes from docs on PS wiring:

"When connecting power to the module, good grounding techniques must be observed. All ground connections for the +30V and +5V supplies should connect through a single point on the user’s interface. All ground pins on the card edge connector should be used. The +2V grounds should be connected together at a single point, but should be separate and isolated from the grounds of the other supplies."