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    3838 the other supplies."
     40= Notes =
     42'''2017-01-26''' Send preliminary layout to customer
     48* Is it possible to recess the USB (and maybe the power) connectors further. I measured the rigid part of a random USB-C cable lying around to be ~25 mm long, so in the current layout it would still stick out quite a bit.
     50* Can we make all resistors 0805? Especially R1 (50Ohm / DNI) looks too small for anticipated power dissipation.
     51* Can you add an electrolytic trough hole capacitor parallel to C2, e.g. 3.5mm lead spacing, 8mm diameter.
     52* Can you increase the size of all large value capacitors (>=1uF) to 1206?
     53* I like that you added test headers for the regulator outputs, can you also add one to the 12V rail?
     54* Can you add mounting holes in the board corners, where possible?
     55* Can we add some reverse polarity protection on the barrel jack connector? E.g. a series diode SK153-TPCT-ND on DigiKey.
     56* We also need some warning on the silkscreen that this is not a standard USB C port.
     57* Can we make the LEDs 0603?
     59And more comments on '''2018-02-16''':
     61* Ok, the footprint changes were mostly driven by what we already have in the lab, but if you have already picked specific part numbers, then let's just let them be as they are right now.
     62* As for moving the USB/Power connectors and associated board edge back, can we settle on an additional 5mm/200mil? To me it looks like that should be possible without fundamentally changing the layout.