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Service Module Rev A ECOs (main board)


  • R94,R95,R96,R92 Remove resistors.
  • Add 4.7k resistor between R95 pad bottom to R92 pad upper Example
  • R50 should be 10k-ohms for CERN IPMC (SM603)
  • R52,R56,R61,R62 should be ~100-ohms (For LEDs so ~10% is fine)

  • Samtec headers for FP (J40, J46) are a bit too tall. Suggest sub SAM11085-ND (ESQ-106-23-L-D)

  • Remove U11 and U13.
  • Replace C2, C14, and C18 with ‎565-4114-ND‎

  • Install 3 pin 0.1" header for use with jumpers on J45.
  • Remove R23 and R28
  • install M2.5x8 screw in K1 & K2 (on the back side.)


  • 220uF caps should get smaller (physically, too tall)
  • Remember to populate R50 with CERN IPMC value.
  • We should add a pull-down to U15 pin 1 for when we have no IPMC (added on board 1)ECO Link
  • We should add a pull-up to ETH_SW_RESET_N (Has on-board pull-up, so we are OK)
  • Traces under mounting splice plate holes
  • U23 has wrong DigiKey? part number ECO Link
  • A pull up/down should be added between U24 pin 4 and U23 pin 7

Front panel board changes for Rev B

  • Remove level shifter and wire direct uSD card to connector
  • Change FT232RQ to FT232RL (TSSOP package)
  • Wire USB_UART_EN to FT_3V3 through R2 instead of from nDTR
  • Change header P/N for headers for longer pins

Service Module TODOs for RevB

  • Traces under mounting splice plate holes (move to internal layers/ out of the way)
  • GPIO header
  • Add level shifters between ESM LED/Serial connections to Zynq to allow for ESM to work when Zynq missing/broken.
  • Zynq power good signal to IPMC
  • Modify BOOTMODE flipflops
  • Simple jumper for turning on 12V without an IPMC.

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