• place C56 across U21 pins 3 and 4. (478-9265-1-ND)
  • C55 & C58 removed (wrong foodprint, but not needed)
  • C608 (1276-1119-1-ND 10uF 603 part, but 202 pad) placed at C35's location (603 pad)
  • Wire from Zynq POR R230 to U209 pin 7 @R256
  • Change R257 to 5.1k and R258 to 12k pdf

(further fix with either new U209 or resistor divider on both inputs of U209) (U209 diff inputs only work starting at about 1.3V, not 3.3 doh!) Possibly switch to using a TPS3895 for power up.

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