wiki:SM IPMC

Programming instructions

You will need a linux machine that has ipmitool installed.

If using the CERN dev-kit, you will also need mini-com and you will need to search your lab for a ethernet jack that the dev-kit likes... good luck. This configuration will also require you to set the HW address via USB UART with the command "SETHA 0x34"

Once you have the IPMC powered up and plugged into the network, you need to be able to talk to it via ethernet. This can be tested by pinging the address. CERN IPMCs come default with, APOLLO CERN IPMC IPs can be found here

Once you can ping the IPMC, you can program it with the following commands:

ipmitool -I lan -H <IPMC IP address> -P "" hpm upgrade hpm1all-IPMC-sm-date.img force

ipmitool -I lan -H <IPMC IP address> -P "" hpm activate

The second command will end with what seems like an error.

Now power cycle the Blade and the new firmware and power-up sequence should be loaded.

Firmware source

Firmware can be found here The current directory is what should be installed on specific IPMCs and the old directory is for previous versions of the firmware files.

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