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This page explores some options for a compact/portable (possibly battery-powered) DDOSI system based on the RoblyerDOSIRackMount.

This is probably not going anywhere. See the main RoblyerDOSIRackMount page for a 2022 production run.

Some initial specs/requirements:

  • Several lasers (6?) with fixed modulation frequencies
    • Frequency for each laser offset by ~7MHz from the next
    • Power ~10mW, but constant power (modulated by photodiode signal)
    • Programmable modulation power
  • Two channels of ADC for reference and signal
    • Existing system uses the ADS42LB69 (dual 250MSPS 16-bit ADC). These are in stock at $300 each
    • Power consumption 820mW/ch (so 1.6W for two channels)

ADC Alternatives:

  • ADC16DV160CILQ/NOPB-ND - 160MSPS, half the price. Power 1.3W total. DDR output so 16 pairs LVDS. (same as current ADC)l