Layout Review 11/4/13


  • M0, M1 not connected on FPGA. M1->GND M0->3.3V
  • TDC power connections need to change.
    • Please add an external power connector (4 pins) for +3V, GND, -3V, GND (+3V not same as +3.3V!)
    • Wire P15 pin 1 to +3V, P15 pin 3 to -3V, pins 2,4,9,10 to GND
    • Add a jumper to optionally connect +3V to +3.3V


  • Review carefully top and bottom silkscreen and move labels as need to avoid overlap
  • Add copper pour under area where ASDQ board mounts on top layer with 0.25" overhang connected to GND.
    • Generous clearance, maybe 0.012"
    • Add a grid of vias to GND inner layer from copper pour on maybe 0.5" centers
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