• (Checked pinout/orientation/spacing of FE/VFE connectors vs FE/VFE gerber/schematic - OK)
  • Recommend changing all copper area min width and clearance to 0.007
  • U7 has wrong footprint. ST715MR is SOT23-5, while the board is SOT223-5.
  • U9 and U14 (TPS72010) bias voltage must be at least 2.5V, not 2.2V


  • Soldermask appears to be 8 mils over pad size on both sides which is way too big
  • Suggest to increase outline of VCCInt zone on F.Cu to follow outline of similar zone on In4. This will give better coverage of a few vias near the bottom of the area.
  • Does U5 (JTAG connector) leave enough space to plug in a cable with the SPF cage installed?
  • Various cosmetic issues with silkscreen (overlaps, etc)
  • remove the "PRELIMINARY" label :)
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