'5 June 2007

First "working" version which reads out waveforms. To compile:

   make clean; make

To select a channel, initialize, and read out a waveforem with automatic (random) trigger:

   drift> w 2 4          set channel number 4 (equals "Channel 1" on box)
   drift> i 15           initialize digitizer, threshold = bit 15
   drift> a              automatic capture of 1 waveform
   drift> t              readout trace to file ''trace.dat'

You can then view the waveform using Gnuplot Simply start gnuplot and enter the command 'plot "trace.dat".

For triggered operation, enter the command 'i <bit> where <bit> is a bit number from 1-12. The trigger threshold will be 2<bit>. For example, if <bit> is 9, then the trigger threshold will be 512.

The command sequence for triggered operation:

  drift> i 9              for ezample
  drift> n                start acquisition, wait for trigger
  drift> t                read trace starting 150 samples before trigger point

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