This is a readout board for a Sensl 2x2 SiPM.

Summer 2019

Version 1 of the SiPM readout board was developed. The purpose of this board is to have variable gain from the output of a four-channel SiPM package and to reduce noise in the readout.

Rev 1

Version 1 adds a single stage of variable amplification to each of the four SiPM output channels. Output from the SiPM is amplified with OPA656s and gain is adjusted onboard with potentiometers.
Power into the SiPM is supplied by a SMA connector and power for the Op-Amps is provided by a 4-pin header.
To reduce noise all components used other than the SMA connectors, Dip socket for the SiPM, and 4-pin header are surface mounted.



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