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Notes 9/7/17

Layout/Schematic - Critical

  • Move FMCCLK2 pair to LA29 (G30/G31) of FC (Done HL)
  • Update footprint on flash to match drawing (Done HL)
  • Delete spurious trace/via to left of P1-7 (Done HL)
  • U21 needs a pin 1 mark (Done HL)
  • Fix FPGA footprint. Should have .016 diameter pads, not .019. See page 13 of this doc (we are using an FTG256 package) (Done HL)

  • All thru-hole component pads must have thermal relief on all planes (Done -Eric)
  • Solder mask openings are too big on most components. It seems as if the openings are .004 larger per side, .002 is preferred. (Done - Eric)
  • Silkscreen text needs a quick editing pass to remove overlapping text here and there (Done - Eric)

BOM Issues

  • Specify VQFN package for level shifters (LVC8T245) (Done HL)


  • What is with the resistors on the mounting holes? They should be plated-thru holes (normal pads) just connected to the ground plane. Please delete R165...R170 and ground MH1-MH6. (Done HL)
  • Why are C1 and C2 different sizes? (Done HL)

Older Notes

  • ADC clock must be external (from FMC) OK
    • Probably should have jitter cleaner OK
  • Check FMC pinout for compatibility with FMC on Enclustra base board for tesing: PM3 Manual OK
  • Silkscreen should have "" OK
  • Check clearance on power planes, should be at least .010 from pads and traces
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