2017-07-14, Eric

  • Use vias to connect +1, -4 to diode pins (Done)
  • Add 2 capacitors from -1 to GND and from +4 to GND (4 total). These should be thru-hole 0.1uF (Done)
  • Fix the footprint for the SMA connector. The hole size is currently the same as the pad size, and it should be at least .020 larger. (Done)
  • edit all the silkscreen text to be the same size, right-side up and placed on the board so as not to overlap anything. (Done)
  • Add an overall legend on the silkscreen: (Done)
G-2 Quad Pulser
Input protection board
D. Barnes  2017-07
  • Get quotes for 3-4 day turn (Sunstone, Advanced) for 6-10 pieces (Done)
  • Find parts, make a BOM, make a DigiKey? order

2017-07-21, Hugo

  • Check caps C4, C7. (The DRC doesn't like C4's connection; C7 doesn't look too much better.)
  • Touch up the silkscreen.
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