Firmware todo (undone/unknown in bold)

Data capture path

  • ADC config
  • ADC interface

ADC auto-align in hw

  • ADC auto-align in sw

ADC capture + zero suppression

block generation and pass off to even builder

event builder

high speed link transmitter (written, but untested)

high speed link receiver (written, but untested)

event capture

pass event structures to zynq domain (DMA)

software to interface with DMA

software to write captured data to files?

Trigger distribution

  • Free run generator

external timing trigger capture

Low latency command generator

Low latency transmitter (written, but not tested)

Low latency receiver (written, not tested)

low latency command decoder and passing to ADC path (not complicated, but a clock crossing)

Charge discharge circuitry

path for charge/discharge commands (same as low latency command above)

  • pulse generator
  • pulse generator configuration error detector

external error capture

external error command generation

external error transmission back to carrier (written, but untested)

external error capture (written, but untested)

external error broadcast message generator (same path as low latency)

ADC board control path

  • carrier register to 7-bit char stream

7-bit char transmitter (written, but not finalized)

7-bit char capture (written, but not finalized)

  • picoblaze uC and ADCBoard register map

7-bit char response transmitter (written, but not finalized)

7-bit char response capture (written, but not finalized)

  • register map on carrier

carrier board control path

  • zynq linux (missing ssh, but has telnet)
  • bridge to PL (firmware + initial software)
  • register map in PL


ECOs (mostly done, but missing DB9 driver chip/wire

test protection board

carrier firmware update for new fmc mezz board

parts for fmc mezz board connectors

testing with fmc mezz board connectors

wiring of 12V power


read/write ADC check on data in locked. init enter and buffer clear out for lock

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