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ADC Prototype PCB Rev 1

ADC 8-channel PCB

Main Board PCB Rev 1

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Here is most of the contents of the main Wiki page which is obsolete...

Test on existing HW

  • Switch picoblaze comms back to USB/serial
  • Add registers to explicitly set ISERDES delays on both ends (Zynq, picoblaze)
  • Test / verify high speed serial comms (all 4 sets of FMC connections)
  • Restore simple ADC capture/readout via picoblaze
  • Test all ADC inputs and protection board
  • Test all SMA I/O and DB-9 as much as we can

New hardware rev

  • ADC board
    • Check/correct all relevant ECOs
      • Check sequencer output resistors
      • Fix oscillator pinout
      • Check flash memory part number / footprint
      • Add pin 1 mark on U5 (check all footprints for orientation marking)
    • Move vias out from under chips (review layout for test probing and mods)
    • Change level shifter package
    • Delete all switching converters
    • Add power connector for all bulk voltages
      • Mounting holes for power board too
    • Check ADC channel number order
    • Ensure test points on every PS voltage, label test points on silkscreen
    • Convert front-end amps to 5V only (vs -1, +4)
    • Add two 5V LDO regulators for level shifters and ADC
    • Fix DB-9 buffer problems
    • Convert bi-directional SMAs to use two FPGA pins (in, out)
    • Larger series resistors on LEDs
    • FTDI serial vs HDMI serial (jumpers / duplicate I/o?)
    • New interface connector Micro-HDMI
  • Power supplies
    • Consider design of mezzanine board, or a single master power supply board

Zynq interface thoughts:

See PicoZed page. FMC I/O pairs LA00-LA19 are LVDS-capable, and if JP5 is set to 2.5V on the carrier then they support differential termination on inputs.

New FMC interface board underway (schematic) using Micro-HDMI connector for each board. Requires only that LVDS be supported on the LA pairs of a LPC-FMC.

TTC interface: Could use TTC-FMC but would have to provide a TTC carrier connector site somewhere. In theory this could be added to the FMC interface board, but the mechanics are not obvious. At least 3.3V and two LVDS pairs need to be connected, possibly some other things like I2C though level shifters from 2.5V/1.8V would need to be provided.

Obs: The PMOD connectors A and B on the PicoZed FMC carrier are on bank 13, which is fixed and VCCO=3.3V.

ToDo to complete Rev 1


Version 1 Design Summary

The first hardware version will consist of an enclosure containing four ADC/FPGA boards (Rev C), each with a protection board and FMC adapter attached. These boards will be powered by an external 12V "brick" AC adapter with a wiring harness to supply 12V to each ADC board. The ADC boards will communicate with the Zybo over twisted-pair cables connected to the four "high speed" PMOD connectors on the Zybo.

Note: 5V power for Zybo needed too, maybe a 7805 on the 12v?


FMC Adapter


  • Zybo page on
  • ZyboNotes -- pin mapping from ADC board through FMC Adapter to Zybo pins

Protection Board PCB Rev 1

Firmware and Software setup process Rev 1

Tested ADCBoards

Bad flash

asm ID edf ID 2.2V 3.7V 5V overall Notes
90649 ? good good good good Fixed 2.5V only 12V needed now
90650 1 bad bad ? bad Did ECOs still no U17 outputs

Good flash

asm ID edf ID 2.2V 3.7V 5V overall Notes
90651 ? bad 3.8V ? bad remove regs
90652 6 bad 3.8 ? bad remove regs
90653 5 good good good good Blinky OK
90654 ? bad bad ? bad Brain surgery candidate
90655 ? good bad ? good* Blink OK -- Ext 3.7V
90656 4 installed wrong ? bad remove regs
90657 7 bad bad ? bad remove regs
90658 ? good good good good Blinky OK
90649   1717/LTM4622V/N423/MY   OK [1]
90650   1717/LTM4622V/N423/MY   bad [1]

90651   1703/LTM4622AV/N637/MY  2.2V bad
90652   1703/LTM4622AV/N637/MY  2.2V bad
90653*  1703/LTM4622AV/N637/MY  OK
90654   1703/LTM4622AV/N637/MY  bad
90655   1703/LTM4622AV/N637/MY  3.7V bad
90656   1703/LTM4622AV/N637/MY  n/a [2]
90657   1703/LTM4622AV/N637/MY  bad
90658   1703/LTM4622AV/N637/MY  OK


[1]  Flash memory was wrong package, board unusable
[2]  LTM4622 rotated 90 deg, board unusable
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