Quad Pulser Main Board

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The main board will need the following major components:

  • (4) 8-channel ADC FMC boards
  • (1) or possibly (2) control FMC boards
  • (3) Enclustra Mars MX3 FPGA modules. One per 2 ADC boards, 1 for control
  • (1) RJ-45 "magjack" type Ethernet connector per MX3 module
  • Power supply input connector and voltage regulators as needed

It should fit in an enclosure like this one from Hammond (I was thinking of the 3.5 x 16.6 x 13 or 18 inch size)


AX3 Wiring

  • See Pin connection guidelines document. Note that this is a generic document which is not necessarily specific to the AX3
  • See AX3_pinout.xlsx pinout of the AX3 module
  • Power:
    • Can power with single 3.3V input to VCC_MOD and VCC_3V3 (see section 2.10.3 of the manual)
    • VCC_IO: can all be 2.5V? Need to think about this
      • Must be powered only when PWR_GOOD and PWR_EN are active. See p17 of the manual
Name Description
PCLK_P/N External clock, probably from G-2 experiment. Need a clock fanout chip to drive all 3 AX3 modules
IO_P/N User I/Os. Most will be differential pairs routed from FMC connectors
MGT_xxx N/C
JTAG_xxx Route to 14 pin JTAG header (see p15 of DS593)
I2C_xxx N/C
BOOT_MODE Removable jumper to GND
(other config pins) N/C
USB_xxx N/C
ETHx_xxx Ethernet: connect to magjack
VCC_MOD, VCC_3V3 3.3V power
VCC_IO 2.5V or 3.3V ?
PWR_GOOD Use to enable VCC_IO regulator


See page 8 of the PM3 Schematic. Use a Magjack like the ARJ-148 (Digikey). I think only 0.1uF capacitors to GND on each center-tap pin are needed, not the MOSFET circuit on the PM3 board.

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