The proposed change would allow the pulser to run in an alternative mode with a series of STEP1 and STEP2 pulses (1-32) followed by a single DISCHARGE pulse.

See diagrams:

We agreed that the number of step 1/2 pulse pairs would be 1-32, with spacing programmable and a bit mask with 32 bits to specify the positions of the step 2 pulses.

Parameter Bits Description
CHARGE_START 21 delay to start of STEP1
STEP1_END 21 delay to end of STEP1
STEP2_START 21 delay to start of STEP2
CHARGE_END 21 end of STEP1 (single-step) or STEP2 (two-step)
MODE 1 0=single step 1=two step
NPULSE 5 number of STEP1/STEP2 pulses 1-32
MASK2 32 bit mask to enable STEP2 pulses individually
(bit 0 = first pulse)
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